The new 24ORE Business School digital platforms

17 July 2019

We have just launched a new website (the one you’re browsing), an eLearning platform, an advanced eCommerce and a brand new Alumni Community: all of them connected in a unique environment

We are always trying to get ourselves better, and continuous upgrade is one of our founding principles, since we were born more than 25 years ago. This is why, in an everchanging world and an increasingly connected market, we have started a vast work of renewal of our digital platforms.

You are browsing a new website, built on an easy and efficient user experience. Along this we have a new elearning platform, designed to make the virtual experience of our scholars increasingly similar to the one they get in our classrooms.
An advanced an modern eCommerce allows our customers to choose and buy our products in absolute safety. Last but not least, our Alumni Community will help our students get connected and keep in touch with former classmates.

Start navigate our new platforms now!